A lot of you might get astonished searching in the headline want to know ,. It may seem this author went crazy or something like that. Technology that has made our existence much better than we have ever considered and today this author says that technologies are causing us to be inhuman. I’ll say, yes it’s.

A couple of days ago I saw a study on television. The reporter was reporting concerning the sufferings of some the indegent who couldn’t even eat two daily meals. However the reporter didn’t enable them to on place. Simply make a study to telecast. Which means sufferings of individuals are used as products to obtain famous in order to earn livelihood. Another incident was, a couple of days ago inside a convocation ceremony of the College among the visitors got fainted around the place. There have been about 300 students but not one of them rushed to assist the guest. Rather they required picture of him and send this news for their buddies and relatives, twitted on twitter and shared on Facebook along with other social networks. They didn’t even consider enhancing the person rather they simply required the chance to really make it breaking news.

We now have we’ve got the technology to broadcast anything live in the place. Anybody could be a reporter using his/her mobile cameras while they’re relocating the roads and a few accidents happen. We can not control what ought to be broadcasted and just what shouldn’t be. But we ought to save time before we all do anything.

I recall a vintage movie named “Roman Holiday” where a princess found Italia to visit. But because she would be a princess she couldn’t move about freely. So his parents accustomed to control her and gave her sleep aids during the night. One evening she arrived on the scene without her parents’ permission to visit but felt asleep around the roads being an aftereffect of the sleep aids. A journalist found her and required her to his house. Following day a study came on the missing girl. But it wasn’t pointed out that they would be a princess. Seeing the report the journalist understood that she’s the main one whom he required home yesterday. He might have spread this news in public places he had found the princess and gain money and recognition. But he didn’t achieve this in order to save the recognition from the princess and her family.

In schools and colleges students are getting sexual closeness and making video of these and distributing them online. Many people are blackmailing their female friends as well as their family. The west and social values are now being destroyed.

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